Model Cars Canada is proud to announce its ongoing partnership with OttOmobile! What started as a goal to make one new model a month has now grown to over five new 1:18 scale models every month!

Since 2009, OttO has specialized in the manufacturing of unique models not yet created in scale at the lowest price possible while keeping quality high! What started as a small customer focused company aimed at delivering what collectors want has now grown into one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Needless to say the same core values are still present and the same amount of customer care. OttOmobile much like its sister company GT Spirit doesn’t discriminate in the models that they create; it is a mix of old and new, expensive and inexpensive, but all are made with the same care and great attention to detail.

Some of the brands that OttOmobile currently focuses on are Alfa RomeoAudiMercedes-BenzBMW, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen. In addition to these great brands there are also the very exciting rally cars that no one else in the industry does to this level of detail for a similar price!

What really sets apart OttOmobile from many of the other manufacturers is the design and production process. Gone are the days of manually measuring and scaling down cars and the inaccuracies that came with it. Using blueprints that came directly from the manufacturers of these cars, OttOmobile is able to correctly produce even the smallest of details. The realism doesn’t stop there, a five step painting process exactly like those of the manufacturer means the paint is rich and deep like on the real car sitting in the showroom. Every single model is numbered to ensure that these models are just as special as the process behind them.

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